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About MOV.AI Flow™

MOV.AI Flow™ is an open Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed especially for ROS and developed by MOV.AI.

It adds a visual layer to ROS as-well-as parameter structuring and built-in state machine. The ROS ecosystem is integrated into the IDE. 

This visual IDE speeds up and streamlines ROS development by allowing quick project understanding, reducing configuration and integration work, speeding up debugging and making it easier to import assets, port projects across environments and share with the community.

MOV.AI Flow™  is a source available tool. The source files are available on GitHub.


MOV.AI Flow™ was developed by Limor Schweitzer and his team as a byproduct of working with ROS to develop a robot using ROS. As they developed the robot, they also built tools to make their lives easier – a visual IDE. 

Born out of ROS, and true to open source culture, these tools are shared back with the ROS community in the form of MOV.AI Flow™

Helping the ROS community thrive

One of the main goals of releasing MOV.AI Flow™ is to help the ROS community grow and thrive. The source files are freely available on Github – we encourage download and development under the source available license. Anyone can download them and we encourage new commits.

We’d love to hear and share with the community any cool ways you’ve made use of MOV.AI Flow™. Whether you are an experienced programmer that drastically sped up development times, or a beginner that figured out something fun, we want to know about, and the community does too. Share it with us by email, our forum, or on our social media, whatever you prefer.

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