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MOV.AI Flow™ Beta

An IDE that introduces visualization and structure to ROS_ 

Develop faster, understand ROS projects in an instant, and debug easily.

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Integrating with the robotics community

MOV.AI Flow™ Features

Visual ROS editor

Visual representation of Robot behavior including:

Built-in visual state machine and node orchestration

An off-the-shelf tool for defining dependencies and states – critical for saving runtime CPU and memory.

Replaces ROSLaunch – launch as many nodes you want in a visually defined timely & logical sequence.

Callback editor

Create multi-protocol event-handling logic directly in MOV.AI Flow™. No need to switch back-and-forth between different editors.

Visual debugging

Visually debug at the robot-behavior level. Analyze nodes, communication, state, configuration.
Both during simulations, or in run-time

Configuration editor

Configuration Editor

Easily edit and view parameter files.

Out-of-the-box integration with the ROS ecosystem

MOV.AI Flow™ comes fully integrated with all the tools, capabilities, and frameworks needed for working with ROS

Easy porting

Easily package projects with all repositories, dependencies, and configurations for seamlessly porting into a run-time environment, or for sharing with others in the ROS community.

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