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ROS-based Software Platform for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Everything you need in one place: dev and deployment tools, autonomous navigation, and fleet management. Slash development costs and reduce deployment time.

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The demand for robots to take on more tasks – alongside humans – is exploding, yet developing Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and AGVs that integrate with existing environments is complex and time-consuming. MOV.AI’s ROS-based Robotics Engine Platform changes that.

With a ROS-based IDE expert coders and non-experts can quickly develop enterprise grade AMRs that are simple to deploy and operate.

Robot manufacturers

Speed up and simplify AMR / AGV development. Easily develop, simulate your and debug your robots as you go. Pick and choose from state-of-the-art, off-the-shelf functionality such as mapping, collaboration, localization, navigation, and risk prevention – optimized for dynamic environments. 

Build advanced AMRs that are suitable for the way people work. Offer flexible task management methods ranging from full automation to ad hoc commands such as “Go to XY” or a combination of both to provide customers with a truly collaborative experience

Automation integrators

Quickly deploy multiple robot types and integrate into customers’ existing environment with out-of-the-box AMR deployment tools, simulation tools, upgrade tools, and APIs. 

Simplify ongoing AMR / AGV operation, and easily control heterogeneous robot fleets with visual dashboards and interfaces. Allow customers to work with Robots and not like Robots with ad-hoc tasks and instructions and flexible command interfaces

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Hikrobot, MOV.AI and BOWE GROUP Partner on Autonomous Pallet-movers
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