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ROS-based Software Platform for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Everything you need in one place: development tools, deployment tools, autonomous navigation, and fleet management. Slash development costs and reduce deployment time.

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The MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platfrom™

Low code Development Tools

A Visual ROS IDE that simplifies AMR development including an Integrated 3D physics & sensor simulator and debugging tools

Autonomous Navigation and Perception

Drag-and-drop algorithms to enable robot autonomy in dynamic environments, including SLAM, navigation and more.

Deployment & Installation Tools

Flexible deployment and integration tools including task and traffic editors, open APIs, simulation tools 

Fleet Management

Customizable fleet monitoring and control tools including traffic & task management,  health monitoring and advanced reporting 

1 cm
Localization Accuracy
3 Months
to develop a commercial AMR
5 Days
Onsite Deployment Time
85 %
Dynamic Environment navigation

Build dynamic, flexible robots that meet your customers’ exact needs

Open platform architecture

providing endless development and deployment flexibility

Hardware-agnostic platform

easily work with your preferred hardware, reduces vendor dependency

Simple, yet flexible

user friendly UI to enable deployment by non-developers

State of the art navigation

made for real-world dynamic environments

Easily integrated with enterprise environments


ROS and ROS2 compliant

based on ROS and providing a smooth migration path to ROS2

Professional Services

Need help? Our customer success team will support you during development, deployment and training

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News and updates

Robot Development Case Study Banner
Case Study - Developing an Enterprise Grade AMR in 3 Months
In this case study we describe how Hikrobot developed its next-generation F4-1000 pallet mover in less than three months using MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform™
pallet mover
How MOV.AI and ifm helped Hikrobot introduce a cutting-edge pallet mover
Read how MOV.AI and ifm integrated new robot components in a matter of days not months
ROS2 Migration Challenges main image
ROS2 Migration: What are the challenges and how MOV.AI can help
There are reasons to start the migration to ROS2 ASAP, but also great reasons to wait. More important - there's a way to bypass the challenges.

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