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On Demand Webinar: Transitioning from manual logistic vehicles to AMRs

Thinking about developing an AMR? This On Demand Webinar  must. 

Watch this webinar to learn why develop AMRs, who are the players? What do mobile robots require on top of manned vehicles? How do you integrate and control all the AMR functions? What technologies are available, and much more.

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How to develop Autonomous Mobile Robots - step by step demo

Watch this webinar hosted by AGV Network, explaining  how you can develop AMR software with MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform

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MOV.AI at Bentley

See how AMRs powered by MOV.AI help Bentley reach their automation goals

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Fleet management by MOV.AI – easily monitor and control your robot fleet

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CTT Case Study

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The Imminent Advance of Robots

MOV.AI founder and CTO in a webinar on the advance of robots

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