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Conquer Complexity: MOV.AI v2.4 Redefines AMR Performance in Dynamic Environments

MOV.AI Version 2.4 - Boost AMR Uptime

About MOV.AI 

MOV.AI disrupts Autonomous Mobile Robot development with a Robotics Engine Platform that contains everything needed to quickly build, deploy and operate intelligent robots.

MOV.AI version 2.4 presents a revolution in autonomous mobile robot productivity in dynamic environments with functionality that drives operational efficiency, reliability, and high uptime.

The promise of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in warehouses is undeniable. These tireless, efficient machines can automate dull and dangerous tasks, boost productivity, and optimize workflows. However, integrating AMRs into brownfield facilities designed for human workers presents a unique set of challenges. 

Numerous factors reduce AMR uptime, leading to a loss of productivity. Factors range from manual intervention due to robot delocalization, pallet misalignment, emergency stops, and loss of sensor calibration, to suboptimal deployment and navigation planning that create conflicts, inefficient operation, and even malfunctions. 

MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform™ introduces a new level of AMR uptime and reliability, boosting robot utilization rates,  and driving up production KPIs

MOV.AI Version 2.4 boosts AMR uptime and ensures KPIs are met by empowering system integrators and fleet operators to:

  • Automate and simplify the deployment of AMRs in dynamic environments for higher accuracy with predictable and reliable navigation.
  • Gain complete control and real-time insights into the AMR fleet.
  • Proactively address issues and minimize downtime for maximum operational efficiency.

Release highlights include:

  • Enhanced Navigation and Deployment:
    Predictive Navigation: Identify and address potential navigation issues like unexpected loops, backtracking, and sharp turns during deployment, ensuring smooth real-world operation.
  • Pallet Pickup: Achieve high picking success rates even with misaligned or non-perfectly positioned pallets, thanks to robust detection and alignment algorithms.
  • Automated Periodic Calibration: Reduce downtime by scheduling sensor calibrations within the operational workflow, eliminating the need for dedicated maintenance periods.
  • Fleet Management and Control: Fleet Dashboard Overview & Control: Monitor fleet status, performance, location, tasks, and alerts via a comprehensive dashboard. Easily start/stop individual AMRs or the entire fleet.
  • Advanced Alerting System: Receive real-time notifications for critical fleet issues with actionable guidance for swift resolution. Customize alerts and add your own based on specific needs.
    Email Notifications: Stay informed about fleet issues even when away from the UI, ensuring continuous operational awareness.
  • Health Monitor: Keep track of individual AMR health with a dedicated dashboard, facilitating proactive maintenance and preventing downtime.
  • Robot Recovery: Quickly recover AMRs to service after emergency stops or interruptions using a pre-installed April tag and intuitive UI commands.
  • New Logging System: Export detailed logs for efficient root cause analysis of field issues, accelerating resolution by support teams. Robot Manufacturers can create additional logs specific to their AMR software for enhanced diagnosis and support.

Implement MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform™ on your AMR
The ROS-based Software Platform for Autonomous Mobile Robots provides everything you need in one place: development tools, autonomous navigation and perception algorithms, deployment tools, and fleet management. Slash development costs, reduce deployment time, and maximize operational efficiency.

Organizations can quickly and effectively represent their existing ROS nodes within the MOV.AI IDE, or develop new software.

Contact us today to learn how you can unlock unparalleled AMR uptime and numerous other benefits. The following sections provide more details on MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform™ version 2.4 functionality.

The following sections provide more details on MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform™ version 2.4 functionality.

Deployment tools to ensure smooth and efficient operation

Navigation Planning: Guaranteeing Stable, Smooth and Predictable AMR Movements

MOV.AI 2.4 empowers users with advanced tools to plan and validate safe, efficient paths for their Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) within complex environments. This functionality ensures consistent and predictable navigation, minimizing unexpected maneuvers and maximizing operational efficiency.

Key features:

  • Feasibility Analysis: Define potential paths and instantly verify their compatibility with the actual environment and the specific robot model. This includes factors like:
    • Environmental layout: Obstacles, doorways, and other physical limitations are automatically considered.
    • Robot physics: Turning radius, maximum speed, and other physical capabilities of the robot are factored in to avoid unrealistic or unsafe maneuvers.


  • Deterministic Global Path Planner: Achieve reliable and repeatable navigation with a new path planning algorithm that:
    • Considers robot footprint: Paths are designed to ensure sufficient clearance around the robot, preventing collisions and unexpected turns.
    • Optimizes for efficiency: The algorithm prioritizes shorter, more direct paths while respecting environmental and traffic constraints.
  • Deployment Assistance: During initial setup, MOV.AI 2.4 guides integrators to design optimal trajectories and keypoints for specific tasks. This includes:
    • Avoiding sharp turns: The system suggests paths that minimize tight corners, preserving robot stability and minimizing wear and tear.
    • Preventing navigation loops: The planner identifies and avoids unnecessary loops created to reach keypoints at specific orientations.
    • Collision avoidance: Static obstacles like walls are automatically factored in to ensure safe, unobstructed movement.
  • Real-time Optimization: Even during operation, MOV.AI 2.4 works behind the scenes to adapt path planning based on real-time feedback. This includes:
    • Backward motion prevention: The system dynamically discourages backtracking by prioritizing forward trajectories, further enhancing efficiency and predictability.
    • Dynamic trajectory selection: Based on the planned path and real-time sensor data, MOV.AI 2.4 continuously adjusts the sequence of individual movement segments to mitigate potential issues like unexpected obstacles or changes in the environment.

By providing visual planning tools and real-time optimization, MOV.AI 2.4 helps deployment engineers design stable, predictable navigation strategies for their AMRs, ensuring the same reliability and efficiency provided by fixed-route or human-free systems, in even the most dynamic environments.

Autonomous Pallet Perception and Alignment: Autonomous Picking with Unmatched Adaptability

MOV.AI offers a suite of algorithms as part of our Robot Engine Platform™, empowering AMR manufacturers to build highly autonomous pallet-picking robots. This innovative functionality minimizes disruption to existing workflows while maximizing robot adaptability in dynamic warehouse environments.

Core Capabilities:

  • Precise Pallet Perception and alignment: Utilizes 3D vision sensors and pose estimation algorithms to accurately pin the location and orientation of pallets, even with slight discrepancies in pallet or robot positioning.
  • Flexible Picking Options: Enables robots to pick and drop pallets directly from the floor or fixed platforms, regardless of grid-based or scattered layouts. This aligns with existing workflows without requiring extensive infrastructure changes.

Key Advantages:

  • Enhanced Picking Success Rates: Accurate localization and robust algorithms dramatically reduce mis-picks, contributing to efficient operation.
  • Seamless Integration: Robots adapt seamlessly to existing warehouse layouts and processes, minimizing disruption and facilitating a smooth transition to automation.
  • Unparalleled Adaptability: Handles diverse pallet configurations and layouts, ensuring operation in dynamic warehouse environments.

The new Pallet Perception and Alignment algorithms empower AMRs to operate autonomously and efficiently, offering exceptional adaptability and seamless integration within your existing workflows. This paves the way for a smooth transition to automated pallet handling, with no need for infrastructure investments or changes to business processes.

Periodic Calibration: Ensuring Uninterrupted AMR Performance through Continuous Sensor Optimization

MOV.AI 2.4 introduces a groundbreaking feature – Periodic Calibration, offering a paradigm shift in maintaining sensor accuracy and reliability for your Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). This innovative functionality eliminates the need for dedicated maintenance downtime and guarantees consistent, high-performance navigation in ever-changing environments.

Understanding Sensor Calibration:

Accurate sensor readings are the bedrock of reliable autonomous navigation. Sensor calibration refers to fine-tuning their performance to ensure precise alignment and data interpretation. Traditionally, this process has involved manual adjustments, often requiring dedicated downtime and disrupting operational efficiency.

The MOV.AI 2.4 Advantage:

Periodic Calibration automates and integrates sensor calibration seamlessly into the operational workflow. By following a predefined cadence, AMRs visit designated calibration targets and self-calibrate their sensors without interrupting ongoing tasks. This ensures:

  • Uninterrupted Uptime: Say goodbye to downtime schedules! AMRs maintain optimal sensor accuracy without impacting regular operations, maximizing productivity and resource utilization.
  • Enhanced Environmental Adaptability: Continuous calibration minimizes sensor drift and biases over time, allowing AMRs to navigate dynamically changing environments with unwavering precision.
  • Predictable Performance: Consistent sensor accuracy translates to reliable navigation behaviors and a significant reduction in unexpected issues or deviations.

Customization and Openness:

MOV.AI 2.4 empowers customization – Periodic Calibration is implemented as a Flow within the MOV.AI IDE, providing users with the flexibility to:

  • Define the calibration cadence: Schedule calibration intervals based on specific needs and operational demands.
  • Designate calibration targets: Position targets strategically within your environment for efficient and convenient robot access.
  • Integrate additional sensors: The open platform allows seamless integration of new sensor types and customization of calibration routines for comprehensive robot optimization.

With Periodic Calibration in MOV.AI 2.4, you experience continuous peak performance, unwavering reliability, and unparalleled operational efficiency.

Fleet Management and Control for Higher Uptime

Fleetboard: A Real-Time Command Center for Your AMR Fleet

MOV.AI 2.4 introduces the Fleetboard, a comprehensive dashboard designed to empower operators with real-time insights and centralized control over their AMR fleets. This powerful tool replaces manual monitoring and fragmented data with a unified interface for efficient fleet management.

Screenshot of MOV.AI fleet dashbpard
At-a-glance overview and centralized fleet control

At-a-Glance Fleet Overview:

  • Fleet Performance Metrics: Gain instant insights into overall fleet health, including utilization rates, completion times, and resource allocation.
  • AMR Location Tracking: Visualize the real-time positions of each AMR on a map, enabling quick identification of bottlenecks and optimization of task assignments.
  • Current Tasks and Alerts: Track the progress of ongoing tasks and stay informed about critical alerts, allowing for proactive intervention and issue resolution.

Centralized Fleet Control:

  • Start/Stop Individual or Entire Fleet: Initiate coordinated actions with a single click, ensuring smooth workflow transitions and optimized resource utilization.
  • Task Completion Priority: Leverage the “finish current task before stopping” feature to prevent incomplete deliveries or disruptions during fleet shutdown.
  • Granular Drill-Down: Delve deeper into specific AMRs or tasks for detailed statistics, performance data, and operational logs, facilitating tailored troubleshooting and analysis.

The fleetboard empowers operators to:

  • Maximize Uptime: Proactive monitoring and control allow for timely interventions, minimizing downtime and ensuring peak operational efficiency.
  • Optimize Workflows: Real-time location tracking and task progress monitoring allow for dynamic adjustments and resource allocation, maximizing productivity and minimizing bottlenecks.
  • Respond to Issues Swiftly: Immediate access to alerts and detailed logs equips operators with the information needed to diagnose and resolve issues quickly, minimizing disruptions and maintaining operational continuity.

Fleetboard is not just a dashboard; it’s a command center for your AMR fleet. With its comprehensive monitoring, centralized control, and detailed data visualization, you can achieve new levels of efficiency, agility, and responsiveness in your operations.


Enhanced Alerting System: Guaranteeing Timely Intervention and Operational Resilience

MOV.AI 2.4 introduces a significantly upgraded alerting system, ensuring your AMR fleet operates with maximum continuity and minimal disruption. This powerful tool goes beyond simple notifications, providing proactive insights and actionable guidance for swift issue resolution.

Real-time Visibility and Intervention:

  • Instantaneous Alerts: Operators receive real-time notifications for critical events that could impact fleet operation, such as lost localization, failed calibration, or communication loss with specific hardware.
  • Precise Diagnosis: Each alert includes a clear call to action with specific resolution guidance, empowering operators to take immediate steps toward resolving the issue.
  • Granular Data Access: Operators can quickly locate the affected AMR on the map and access detailed AMR logs to investigate the root cause of the problem.

Customization and Scalability:

  • Manufacturer-Defined Alerts: Manufacturers can leverage the open platform to create and integrate custom alerts tailored to their specific AMR models or applications.
  • Adaptable Thresholds: Define dynamic thresholds for key metrics like battery level or path deviations, enabling proactive intervention before issues escalate.
  • Integration with External Systems: Seamless integration with external monitoring and ticketing systems further streamlines issue management and facilitates collaborative resolution.

The benefits of the enhanced alerting system extend beyond immediate problem-solving:

  • Minimized Downtime: Timely intervention prevents minor issues from snowballing into larger disruptions, maximizing fleet uptime and operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Safety: Proactive alerting for potential safety hazards, such as collision risks or battery malfunctions, helps maintain a safe and secure environment for both people and robots.
  • Improved Maintenance Efficiency: Historical alert data provides valuable insights for predictive maintenance, allowing for proactive scheduling and resource allocation.

The new alerting system in MOV.AI 2.4 is a powerful tool that empowers operators and manufacturers to maintain a healthy and productive AMR fleet. By providing real-time visibility, actionable guidance, and extensive customization options, this system ensures consistent operation, minimized downtime, and a culture of proactive risk management in your dynamic warehouse environment.


Email Notifications: Stay Informed and Connected to Your AMR Fleet

MOV.AI 2.4 introduces automated email notifications, a powerful tool to enhance operational continuity and keep your fleet running smoothly, even when operators are away from the Fleetboard dashboard. This feature ensures timely awareness of critical issues, facilitating swift intervention and resolution, and higher uptime.

Real-time Alerts, Anywhere, Anytime:

  • Automatic Notifications: Operators receive automatic email alerts for critical issues that could impact fleet stability and performance, such as lost localization, calibration failures, or communication outages.
  • Customized Alerts: Integrators can define specific alerts that trigger email notifications, ensuring operators are informed only about the most critical events relevant to their operations.
  • Targeted Recipients: Choose the specific email addresses that should receive notifications, ensuring information reaches the right people and facilitates immediate action.
    Benefits Beyond the Dashboard:
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: Stay informed about fleet health even when away from the Fleetboard interface, enabling proactive decision-making and remote monitoring.
  • Improved Response Times: Quick notifications allow for faster response to critical issues, minimizing downtime and potential disruptions to operations.
  • Streamlined Communication: Email notifications serve as a secondary communication channel, complementing the Fleetboard dashboard and facilitating collaboration among team members.
    Email notifications in MOV.AI 2.4 empower you to:
  • Maintain operational continuity: Remain connected to your fleet and stay ahead of potential issues, even when on the go.
    Optimize resource allocation: Focus your attention on critical events and prioritize tasks effectively, ensuring efficient resource utilization.

By providing real-time alerts, customizable settings, and targeted communication channels, email notifications in MOV.AI 2.4 offer a valuable tool for enhancing fleet awareness and ensuring proactive management of your AMR operations.

Health Monitor: Proactive Maintenance for Uninterrupted AMR Operations

MOV.AI 2.4 introduces the Health Monitor, a dedicated tool empowering operators to proactively assess and ensure the operational readiness of their AMR fleet. This intuitive dashboard provides real-time insights into the health of each AMR, enabling swift identification and resolution of potential issues before they impact performance or uptime.

Operator Benefits:

  • At-a-Glance Fleet Overview: A simple and informative dashboard offers a consolidated view of each AMR’s health status, facilitating rapid identification of potential problems.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Early detection of subsystem malfunctions allows for timely intervention and preventive maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Precise Issue Location: The Health Monitor pinpoints the specific subsystem experiencing issues, allowing operators to escalate concerns to the appropriate support tier with accurate information.
  • Improved Confidence: The ability to proactively monitor and maintain AMR health fosters confidence in operational stability and minimizes unexpected disruptions.

Manufacturer Customization:

  • Modular Design: Built as an app on top of the MOV.AI platform, the Health Monitor offers manufacturers flexibility and customization.
  • Tailored Monitoring: Define which AMR components to monitor, set triggering logic for alerts based on specific thresholds, and customize the information presented to operators.
  • Brand-Specific Interface: Integrate the Health Monitor seamlessly into your own application and branding, fostering a unified user experience.

The Health Monitor goes beyond simply providing information: it empowers operators and manufacturers to take proactive steps toward optimizing fleet performance and minimizing downtime. By fostering a culture of preventative maintenance and early issue identification, this feature helps ensure reliable and efficient AMR operations.

Robot Recovery: Swiftly Get Your AMRs Back on Track

MOV.AI 2.4 introduces Robot Recovery, an intuitive feature enabling operators to quickly and efficiently resume operation when an AMR encounters an unexpected stop or requires manual intervention. This functionality minimizes downtime and maximizes fleet efficiency in dynamic environments.

Operator Control and Visibility:

  • Direct UI Interaction: Trigger the recovery process directly from the Fleetboard UI, eliminating the need for complex procedures or additional tools.
  • Visual Guidance: The UI provides step-by-step instructions and clear visual cues to guide operators through the recovery process.

Pre-Installed April Tag:

  • Seamless Identification: A pre-installed April tag on the site simplifies robot positioning for quick and accurate recovery.
  • Universal Compatibility: This standardized tag format ensures compatibility with existing infrastructure and robots from different manufacturers.

Robot Recovery empowers operators to:

  • Minimize Downtime: Quickly resolve unexpected interruptions and get AMRs back on track, reducing workflow disruptions and maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Control: Maintain centralized control over the fleet even during recovery scenarios, offering increased visibility and streamlined management.
  • Simple and Intuitive: The user-friendly interface makes the recovery process straightforward and accessible even for less experienced operators.

By equipping operators with a fast and effective tool for robot recovery, MOV.AI 2.4 promotes resilient and adaptable AMR operations. This feature helps you navigate unexpected challenges with minimal downtime and ensure your fleet operates smoothly and efficiently even in dynamic environments.

Enhanced Logging System: Unveiling the Why Behind the What

MOV.AI 2.4 introduces a significantly upgraded logging system, empowering operators, integrators, and manufacturers to diagnose and resolve field issues with greater accuracy and speed. This system goes beyond simply recording events, providing granular detail and context for effective root cause analysis.

Operator Insights and Support:

  • Log File Export: Operators can easily export detailed log files for their AMRs, facilitating swift communication with their support team (typically the automation integrator).
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting: Access to comprehensive logs allows support teams to quickly identify the root cause of issues and efficiently diagnose potential problems.

Integrator Investigation and Resolution:

  • Fleet-Wide Visibility: Integrators can review and search logs across the entire AMR fleet to identify systemic trends or recurring issues, enabling proactive maintenance and improved overall performance.
  • Detailed Analysis: Granular log data and timestamped events provide accurate context for troubleshooting individual AMR behavior and resolving specific field issues.

Manufacturer Customization and Control:

  • Custom Log Creation: Manufacturers can leverage the open platform to develop and integrate custom logs specific to their AMR software and functionality.

  • Tailored Data Capture: Define the types of data logged and the level of detail captured, ensuring you get the information you need for effective diagnostics and performance optimization.

The new logging system benefits all stakeholders in the AMR ecosystem:

  • Reduced Downtime: Faster and more accurate problem identification translates to quicker resolution, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Improved Support Experience: Equipped with detailed logs, support teams can provide more targeted and effective assistance, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Data-Driven Optimization: Log analysis provides valuable insights for continuous improvement, enabling manufacturers and integrators to refine AMR software and optimize future iterations.

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