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Robotics engine platform for AGV/AMR development

Autonomous Navigation and Perception


Pick and choose from state-of-the-art, off-the-shelf algorithms from MOV.AI and 3rd party developers. Obtain advanced performance with simple integration and configuration.
Mapping, Calibration, Localization, Navigation, Risk Prevention, and more – designed for dynamic environments.

Off-the-shelf autonomy algorithms and open API framework

3D SLAM Localization

Enabling ±2 cm localization accuracy in 85% dynamic environments.

Autonomous navigation

Including path planning and path following. Ensures safety and optimal movement in highly dynamic environments by continuously adjusting the path plan according to real time data.

Obstacle avoidance and risk prevention

Integrate advanced sensing and localization with autonomous navigation and control to ensure ongoing operation while reducing the risks involved in highly dynamic environments.

Automated sensor calibration

Ensure accuracy and avoid degradation due to accidents, vibrations, or sudden temperature changes.

Object detection and classification

Off the shelf image recognition for specific objects. For example: pallet and cart detection, with pose estimation.

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