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Leading AMR manufacturers and integrators integrate the MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform in order to develop and deliver robots that are more flexible, safe, and easy to use than ever before. Together we deliver great robots that meet the changing needs of our customers. 

Autonomous Mobile Robot manufacturers

Qisda is an ODM/OEM service provider of electronic products for consumer, commercial, medical, and industrial applications. 

PowerHandling is a global leader in the roll moving and material handling industry, priding ourselves on innovation, ergonomics and reliability to increase productivity and decrease operation costs.

Airnamics aims to develop innovative and advanced mechatronic systems for different industrial applications.

RoboSavvy’s TUGBOT Autonomous Guided Vehicle stands out compared to other industrial AGVs. Indoor or outdoor, pull or carry. Ability to carry high payloads.

Technology Partners - Sensors

Velodyne Lidar provides smart, powerful lidar solutions for autonomous vehicles, driver assistance, delivery solutions, robotics, navigation, mapping, and more.

Ouster (NYSE: OUST) is building a safer and more sustainable future through its high-resolution digital lidar sensors for the automotive, industrial, smart infrastructure, and robotics industries. 

RoboSense (RoboSense Technology Co., Ltd.) is a global leader in the LiDAR and perception solutions market. 

World market leader in sensor technology and pioneer in Industry 4.0. First a passion, then an idea transformed into success – when it comes to pioneering automation and digitalisation technology, the ifm group is the ideal partner.

Technology Partners - Industrial PCs

Vecow is a team of embedded computing professionals, dedicated to designing, developing, producing, and supplying edge AI solutions with trusted reliability, advanced technology, and innovative concepts.

Established in 1992, AAEON is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms today. 

Lanner Electronics is a world-leading hardware provider with design, engineering, and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances, ruggedized in-vehicle, industrial computers, power substation computers and edge AI appliances. 

UP is a brand founded by AAEON Technology Europe in 2015. The UP team aims to bring innovation in technology, business models, and integrated solutions. The 

Established in 1983, Advantech is a leading provider of trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions. 

Automation integrators

Integrated intralogistics solutions to keep goods and materials flowing as well as warehouses running smoothly.

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