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Hikrobot, MOV.AI and BOWE GROUP Partner on Autonomous Pallet-movers

Tel Aviv, Israel, June 21, 2023 – MOV.AI announced today that Hikrobot, a global product and solution supplier specialized in machine vision and mobile robots, has implemented MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform™ in its F4-1000 pallet mover. In a three-way collaboration, the MOV.AI-powered robots from Hikrobot will be deployed by the BOWE GROUP, enabling rapid deployments of autonomous pallet movement for select applications.  

Advanced intralogistics and warehouse operators are increasingly relying on automation to meet business goals. To succeed, they require Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that can easily be integrated into end-to-end automation environments and rapidly adapt to changing needs.

Faced with these demands, Hikrobot decided that its cutting-edge hardware can benefit from a secure software layer that provides advanced autonomy, interoperability and collaboration with systems, equipment and humans, and enables rapid deployment and frictionless updates.

The MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform™ was selected in order to meet these requirements. It provides AMR manufacturers and automation integrators with the necessary enterprise-grade software and tools for advanced automation, including navigation, localization, and calibration. The platform features a visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on ROS, as well as off-the-shelf algorithms and integrations. The platform also offers interoperable fleet management, flexible interfaces with warehouse environments such as ERP and WMS, and cyber-security compliance.

“The speed with which we integrated the MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform™ into our AMR is an indication of the change in pace in our industry,” said Libbo Feng, VP at Hikrobot. “After less than three months of work, the F4-1000 autonomous pallet-Mover is now ready to be deployed and operate in an 85% dynamic environment surrounded by humans and other machines.”

According to Mike Swift, Managing Director of BOWE WMS Software and AMRs, US “Intralogistics operators face continuously growing market demand with constrained resources. BOWE GROUP, as a leading provider of automation to Intralogistics and manufacturing companies, is proud to be at the forefront of the evolution that delivers solutions to this problem. With this three-way collaboration, we can provide proven solutions to our customers that provide rapid payback and value for any customers that are moving high volumes of pallets within their facilities.  We intend to offer these AMRs for both stand-alone applications and as a combination with our existing automation offerings to further increase the productivity of our solutions.”

“I am truly excited about the collaboration with Hikrobot and BOWE since it is very much focused on providing end customers with value,” said Motti Kushnir, CEO of MOV.AI. “The combination of Hikrobot state-of-the-art hardware and our Robotics Engine Platform™ created a result in advanced autonomous capabilities such as pallet detection, the ability to drop pallets in a grid layout, and more.”

More About MOV.AI

MOV.AI is changing AMRs as we know them.

It provides AMR manufacturers and integrators with the software and tools they need to create enterprise-grade robots quickly, allowing users to benefit from automation products that are as flexible as the age we live in.

Born out of an unmet need, MOV.AI is a robotics engine platform based on ROS and packaged in an intuitive web-based interface. It contains everything needed to build, deploy, and operate intelligent robots. MOV.AI completely changes the way autonomous mobile robots are developed in terms of time to market, cost, and flexibility.

More About Hikrobot

Hikrobot is a global product and solution supplier specialized in machine vision and mobile robots.

Adhering to the core values of professional excellence, courage to take on responsibilities, and integrity and pragmatism, Hikrobot is committed to empowering Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and creating sustainable social value. Focusing on IIoT, smart logistics and smart manufacturing, Hikrobot builds open cooperation ecosystem, provides service to industry and logistics customers, and commits to continuously promoting intelligence with innovative technology and leading the intelligent manufacturing process.


More About Bowe Group

The BOWE GROUP is one of the world’s leading suppliers of smart automation and IoT software solutions along the entire internal value-added chain, and beyond. For more than 75 years, our solutions have been optimizing work processes and production workflows across a wide range of different industries. In every case, our goal is to provide our customers with innovative, customized technologies that allow them to secure an edge in their markets.

The three strong divisions of the BOWE GROUP create future-proof automation solutions that are precisely tailored to the specific needs of their target markets. BOWE SYSTEC stands for efficient solutions in inserting, plastic card mailing and mail sorting. BOWE INTRALOGISTICS supplies a comprehensive array of intralogistics solutions for e-commerce, multichannel retail, parcel distribution services and manufacturing industries. BOWE IQ complements the portfolio with smart IoT software solutions for machine control, warehouse management, process optimization, tracking and the integrated management of complex, networked automation scenarios.

Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, since 2010 BOWE has been wholly owned by the broadly based and financially strong Possehl Group, which is based in Lübeck, Germany. With around 1,000 employees, some 20 subsidiaries and over 50 general representatives worldwide, the BOWE GROUP is able to guarantee fast and local advice, sales and service support for customers around the world. For further information, please visit www.bowe.com and www.possehl.de.

Hikrobot, MOV.AI and BOWE GROUP Partner on Autonomous Pallet-movers

About MOV.AI 

MOV.AI disrupts Autonomous Mobile Robot development with a Robotics Engine Platform that contains everything needed to quickly build, deploy and operate intelligent robots.

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