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Fleet management and robot operations

Enjoy uninterrupted AMR operation


Control and troubleshoot multiple AMR types with a click of a button 

Work with robots and not as a robot – choose between full task automation, ad hoc task, or a combination of both.

Role-specific real-time robotic fleet dashboards provide site managers and operators with the ability to easily and securely operate robots and troubleshoot common issues. 

Schedule tasks, define ad hoc tasks, get a picture of your fleet’s status, summon robots, assist robots in need or analyze performance KPIs – all from intuitive role-based dashboards. 

Use intuitive screens in the control panel or on the device to introduce ad hoc, unplanned tasks such as “Go to XY” “go fetch”

Play Video
Robot location
Robots sensors and system monitoring
Task status
Calls for action

Tools for Robot and robot fleet operation

Interruption-free software updates and cybersecurity updates
Task Control - ad hoc prioritization to meet changing demands
Robot fleet management
Robot and fleet analytics, alerts and calls to action

Ready for awesome automation?

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