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How MOV.AI makes intelligent material handling robots affordable

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About MOV.AI 

MOV.AI disrupts Autonomous Mobile Robot development with a Robotics Engine Platform that contains everything needed to quickly build, deploy and operate intelligent robots.

Nowadays, material handling robots can automate some of the most tedious, dull, and unsafe tasks in a production line. When we look at the kinds of robots that are used in material handling, we see that there are various types especially designed to e.g., pick & place materials, palletize, package and transfer goods, load machines and assemble. To be truly efficient, forward-thinking manufacturers need a fleet of robots that can work safely together with their human co-workers. This means that those robots must work autonomously and in an intelligent manner. For example, they need to be aware of and react to obstacles that are in their way. This means that they must have “a brain”. This also applies when a manufacturer needs to refurbish (“upgrade”) his current fleet of robots.

To make those robots affordable, MOV.AI is the go-to specialist when it comes to making material handling robots intelligent. Designing and producing an intelligent autonomous robot (let alone a whole fleet of them), is time consuming and requires large investments. This makes them a pipe dream for most material handlers.

However, there is now a way to make it happen by separating the hardware from the software. That’s where MOV.AI comes into play by providing universal software for heterogeneous robot fleets. This software framework (operating system) is ROS-compatible and features easy mapping, robust, affordable and autonomous navigation, and obstacle avoidance. The modern end-user interface facilitates easy customization. By supporting cloud-based software-distribution and complying with cyber-security’s best practices, it provides the brains for mobile collaborative robots to let them operate autonomously.

All this allows for building or refurbishing robots to make them intelligent. Last but not least, the license pricing model makes material handling robots affordable

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