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Step 1 - Start by showing your customer how much it would cost to use manual operation
Work Hour Calculations
Total number of workers
Number of shifts per day
Hours per shift
Absence rate (vacation, sick time)
Net work time (amount of time an employee spends pushing carts every shift)
Average # of employees per shift (allowing for absences)
Number of carts push simultaneously by employee
Total actual work-hours per day (net of breaks and rest)
Total number of carts pushed
Cost Assumptions
Annual cost of wage per employee
Annual cost of wages
Step 2 - Show your customers the cost of taking the automated route
Calculate the required AMR fleet
AMR Charge/Work time
Active Charge
AMR Daily Work Hours
Required carts hour per day
# of AMRs
(the number of carts needed to maintain the same productivity as the manual workforce)
AMR Redundancy factor
(redundant AMRs in case of downtime)
Total # AMRs including redundant
Cost assumptions
Onetime Cost per AMR
AMR annual maintenance fee
Cost of annual maintenance per AMR
One time SW fee per AMR
Annual AMR software license fee
Fee for Annual AMR Lease
Deployment costs
Installation effort - in weeks
Field engineer daily fee
Installation cost
Ongoing operation cost
Total number of AMR operators required
AMR operator annual cost of wages

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The ROI of implementing
automated tuggers vs. manual hauling

Total Cost of Automated Operation

  • Total up-front investment

  • Total annual recurring costs

Total Cost of Manual Operation

  • Total annual recurring costs

  • Monthly saving on recurring costs

  • ROI payback time (months)

    The time it takes to return your one-time AMR investment.

Five year savings

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Cost of manual operation
Operational expenses
Total annual cost of manual operation
Cost of Automated operation
Operational expenses
Upfront investment
Total annual cost of automated operation
Annual saving

Five year cummulative savings

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Cummulative costs - manual operation
Cummulative costs - automated operation
Cummulative savings
Saving %

Cost comparison between automated and manual cart hauling

Five Year Saving

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