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Our Story

It all started when Limor Schweitzer decided to build a Robot.

Limor, an experienced technology entrepreneur who knows a thing or two about robots, identified the potential of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and decided to build one. But when he sat down to start developing the software with ROS, Limor and the team discovered that AMRs are stuck in the previous century – closed products that perform one predetermined task – and that ROS itself is lacking many tools to develop an AMR that will meet enterprise-grade needs. As the team developed their robot, they also built ROS-based tools to make their lives easier. True to open source culture, they shared the tools with the ROS community

The responses they got made it clear that they weren’t the only ones suffering from the lack of tools, and a ROS-based enterprise-grade Robotics Engine Platform ROS was born.

MOV.AI is changing AMRs as we know them. 

It provides AMR developers and integrators with the tools they need to create and deploy great robots quickly, allowing users to benefit from automation products that are as agile as the times.

Born out of an unmet need, MOV.AI is a Robotics Engine platform based on ROS and packaged in an intuitive web-based interface. It contains everything needed to build, deploy and operate intelligent robots. MOV.AI completely changes the way Autonomous Mobile Robots are developed, in terms of time to market, cost, and flexibility. 


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